Issue Seven The Outsider Issue

Cover artwork entitled 'Sweetheart' is biro sketch in form of letter to the artists' girlfriend. It is by artist Dave Jay and provided by the magazine Not Shut Up who publishes art and writing by the unfree, taking contributions from across the UK's criminal justice system and beyond.

In this issue...


Outsiders Unite

Over the last couple of years we have quietly despaired as this Tory-led nation obediently became a heard of xenophobes, intolerant of the jobless and less able...

Main Features

'Alicia Keys: Don't play into oppression!' writes War on Want

American R&B singer-songwriter Alicia performed in Tel Aviv Israel on 4 July. In the run up, numerous activists as well as prominent fellow artists appealed to her conscience...

The LB 55th Venice Biennale Guide: This old gal's got edge.

La Bouche discovers some crash hot collatoral exhibitions in and around the floating city...

LB talks to Bo Ningen!

Watching this Japanese new wave quartet rock is like watching The Ring on acid. We have always been intrigued by Bo Ningun, hearing their name through the art world as much as through the music scene...

The Human Elephant (in the inhuman room) by Niall McDevitt

A 'concrete poem' inspired by the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle and was first performed in situ at an event organised by Urban Forest...

Other News

Conspiracy Theorists are saner than the masses

It's official. According to new research those who contest official events are not only becoming the majority, but are also more sane than those who don’t...

The Banks Are Buying Our Brains - One Neuron At A Time.

One day we’re gonna wake up and there will be a very strange sensation in the air. An odd feeling that your opinions, your outlook, what drives your actions and passions, are not quite yours....


Constant Catch-up with Quilla

Our Gossip Columnist Quilla Constance exclusively writes on the behind-the-scenes making of the Vajazzled Video, Burberry & Freedom of Expression VERSUS Intellectual Property Law.

Inside Out? The problems with Outsider Art.

An essay on the problems of 'Outsider Art' by curator Taif Alkhudary

The Queen's Speech by artist Liam Scully



Re-discover Disco with our brand new disco critic Alex Cepalovic of Art Which is Also a Disco...

Mad Lick - Our latest YouTube discovery.

Loving this Acid-Pop trio and we have been listening to 'Yoko Ono' on repeat, y'all. We don;t know who they are, we don;t know where they came from but what we do know is that we like their style! One listen n you'll be mad about them too.

Peaches brings Berlin to the Bienalle

Denmark gave us what we really wanted at their pavilion's official party at the Lido airport. As we were savaged by mutant mosquitoes we were simultaneously treated to a performance by one of our faves, Peaches.