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La Bouche dishes the dirt on elections worldwide!

Main Features

The Pearl in Qatar

La Bouche columnist Jack Cole reports from the electoral desert of Qatar.

Greek Gold

Change is afoot in Greek policing after the election of the Syriza government.

The great grandmother of all conspiracies?

Hope you've got both feet firmly planted on the ground....this issue we've discovered a biggun!


Cartoons for Disability Awareness

Disabled cartoonist Dave Lupton shares with us some of his finest cartoons.

Election Fever!

Johanna Harding produces an excellent illustration, summing up the malaise associated with election season.

Taiwan through photography

At the end of last year, Taiwan held some local elections in which the ruling KMT was trounced. La Bouche provides a guide to those elections for the perplexed to accompany some awesome photography taken on the island by Taiwan's very own Manbo Key.

Quilla's Constant Catch - Up!

Never far from La Bouche's heart, Quilla Constance stars once again as we get up close and personal in this dazzing review of her anti-hegemonic PUKIJAM video at her latest exhibition.


Peanut Envy!

Love sex? Hate heterosexism? You're going to love this musical duo!

I Walk This Road (in Sark)

La Bouche reviews the latest single by Sark resident Peter Byrne (and finds a way to link it to our theme).



Vince Laws, already an A-list celebrity after providing us with our cover page, has also written this fantastic poem, teaching us how to spell STRIP! just in time for the election.

Morning Ode by Avi Bram

London-based poet Avi Bram portrays one of *those* mornings. It would suit our theme very nicely if the poem was in fact a sublime allegorical reference to a weariness at the election after 5 years of ConDem government. But even if not, we love it!

Evening Standard

House Bard Niall McDevitt incinerates the rag foisted upon London's commuters which occasionally claims to be a 'newspaper'.


Mayor Mayhew

Strong personalities can make politics a little unpredictable, as the protagonist in this short story by Alex Hadjidakis discovers....