Does Sainsbury think 'Progress' is past its sell-by date?

Main donor pulls the plug on ‘New Labour’ party think tank.

The think-tank “Progress” was founded in 1995 and is closely associated with Tony Blair’s lurch to the centre and its admirers. 

In 2012, Momentum founder Jon Lansman’s website ‘Leftist Futures’ called for an inquiry into ‘an organisation of a party within a party’, but this investigation was blocked by “Red” Ed Milliband.

The think-tank, which has been critical of twice-elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (surprise, surprise!), was receiving the bulk of its funds from the former chairman of a well-known supermarket, that’s Baron Sainsbury of Turville to you.

In a blow to the renegade centrists, the baron has now decided to focus his spending on charitable causes, leaving Progress standing at the till with not enough cash in their pockets.

Members will now need to dig a little deeper if Progress is to survive, and La Bouche welcomes this. After all, if Labour is truly going to become an alternative to the Tory party, then funding from multinationals should surely be lobbed into the dumpster outside.

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